• What is your refund policy?
    1 calendar month notice (minimum) from event date, full refund. No refund if cancelled within 1 calendar month of event date.
  • We are proud to have supported, and to continue to support, local charity events.
  • Birthdays, Weddings, Stag dos, Hen dos, Sten dos. School Fun Days, Skills Enrichment, School Teams. Staff Team Building, Inter-Office events.
  • Yes, participants of ages 9+ can be on the same battlefield, in the same arena.
  • It's quite easy, we have several methods of teaching the basics, to help you make the transition from novice, to combat archer, before we let you loose on the battlefield.
  • We can support up to 2 teams of 20 players, a total of 40 players.
  • We advise a team of 10 or more.
  • - Target Skills: Close Distance (Novice) / Medium Distance (Archer) / Long-range (Expert) We grade certificates on 4 main factors, these are: consistency, grouping, accuracy & mobility. - Combat Skills: Shot-On-The-Run, Roll-Shot, Jump-Shot, Coordinated-Attack, Ammo-Awareness, Arrow-Awareness, Catch-And-Release.
  • From age 9+; we build on the target skills development and progress participants onto active, moving targets. Much like the target skills; we will progress you through stages and challenges, to test and landmark participants' skills, with recognition certificates.
  • From age 6+; we off the ability to hone target practice skills and recognise those skills through challenges, set to test and landmark a participant's stage of development. We recognise the skill stages with certificates.
  • We offer target skills from the age of 6 upwards, and combat skills and games from the age of 9 upwards.