The Experience

Learn about what to expect for a typical booking with Archery Assault.

Event Overview

Arrival: We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your booking time.

Safety briefing: 5 minute introduction and safety briefing.

Equipment familiarisation: We will take you through the equipment you will be using.

Basic skills: Next you'll be shown how to use the bows and some basic shooting techniques.

Target skills: If you included target skills in your booking the first hour will be focused completing these.

Games: Once you have mastered the basics you will be straight into a range of games.

Awards: At the end of the event we will give out awards if these were added when you booked.

Food and drink: Visit the on site bar for some well earned refreshments.

The Archery Assault Experience

On arrival

You will be greeted by our friendly staff, we will double check that all participants are in attendance.

We will take you through a quick safety talk and equipment demonstration, then take you through the range of basic skills, target skills, combat skills and tactics, depending on your preferences when booking.

Safety and Equipment

A vital part of the introduction, we explain how our combat bows and arrows are to be used properly.

We go on to demonstrate the foam targets and the inflatable bunkers.

Basic skills training

Bow orientation - there are 3 main orientations that are effective for different reasons and most archers' preferred orientation will fall into these 3: straight, angled, flat. An archer's preference is their own, we then move on to loading your bow.

Arrow loading - there are 2 basic loading methods, we start off with a "flat" bow, arrow over the top, click the knock onto the string, brace the arrow with your guide finger and then bring the bow up to "straight".

Guide/stabilising finger - whether the bow is in any of the 3 orientations, you will still be running from cover to cover and the last thing you want is for the arrow to come loose from the string, so we stabilise the arrow, using our index finger, while in transit.

Drawing the string - hand placement on the finger guards, which are in place to protect your fingers, pulling arm's elbow height, breath control and posture are all key to proper string drawing.

Understanding draw distance - We will go through demonstrating arrow flight distance, in relation to the amount of pull applied to the string. At this point in the basic skills, we explain a phrase: "dry firing", this means to pull back and release the string, with no arrow loaded (this is dangerous, as the energy - if not transferred into the arrow - puts strain on the string and/or bow, which can - in turn - cause damage to the string/bow, causing either to be likely to break).

Understanding arc shots - After knowing the relationship between "draw distance" and "flight distance", we introduce aiming over cover, using "arc shots".

Target skills

This is aimed to develop a novice through the application of "basic skills" against static targets.

We develop the basic skills, for application in the combat games, by working in an ever increasing level of mobility drills; covering standing, kneeling, stepping any one of the 8 possible directions - to then fire from that position, walking, jogging, rolling, jumping, to finally running .. target skills is really where our archers develop their core skills from novice to advanced .. and beyond!

Combat skills training

If you are looking to jump straight into some games, we give you a crash course of what to expect.

We will explain the range of movements and briefly take you through practicing, as well as practicing how to catch an arrow.

We will take you through the range of game types you confirmed with us during your booking and explain the rules and possible tactics, team leaders then take their teams and prepare for battle .. once that whistle blows, the arrows start flying and it's up to the leaders to bring their team to victory! Book Your Game Now

Other Game Types

Target Skills

Shoot at targets, highest points wins.

X-Sports Selection

A variety of games based on your favourite sports.

Fire and Ice

Freeze opposition players to win, tag your team to keep them alive.

Protect the VIP

Keep one team member safe, everyone else is expendable.

Capture the Flag

Capture their flag whilst keeping yours safe.

Team Death Match

Last person standing wins

See what other players say...

Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes

Tis fab... funky ... great if you are competitive!!

Carly Lovie

Carly Lovie

I took my son and he thoroughly enjoyed himself...I even joined in :) We need to bring him along again soon.

Hannah Perrot

Hannah Perrot

Gr8 fun, think most guys i know would love this. Like paintball without the mess!!! And much cheaper! Will recommend!

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