Archery Assault is great for a wide range of occasions. See below for more details on the types of events we can accommodate.

Schools and Educators

Our schools & educators games are designed around building skills from the ground up.

We take participants through from complete novice, to an experienced combat archer, using a set of sessions, that build from static target skills, to agile, acrobatic archers.

Confidence building is our primary goal at the outset, coordination drills of progressing difficulties are designed to push players to think faster, react faster and get their hearts pumping a little faster. We introduce agility drills into the already established coordination drills, incorporating rolls, jumps, dodges, ducking and generally improving spatial awareness and fitness.

We combine these skills in short 1v1 combat games.

The next cycle introduces the important teamwork skills; leadership, communication (verbal and non-verbal), planning, tactics, common goals, democracy, goal setting and group coordination. We expand on all of these aspects, which have greater applications in the world outside of Archery Assault.

Players learn all these skills for our games, but gain so many skills to help them to win the biggest game there is!

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Schools and Educators

Corporate Events

We offer a range of games, designed to promote the goals that are specifically desired by your team.

You can choose from the packages:

Team Building

- the team is operating quite well together, but not quite gelling? There are several reasons that could be the root, but the most common is inhibition through lack of familiarity. People put on an "office-face", we put people out of their comfort zones with games that will push them to work as a team.


- the team may not be entirely sure who feels they can take on new challenges and bring the team to victory. We have games designed to bring out a person's inner leader. Most people hide their abilities and never push for better. By rotating team leaders each round, we show who rises to the challenge and who shies away.


- the team may just need to get some fresh air and shed some office-pounds, we offer games that can be built upon, to improve fitness levels, which is proven to reduce illnesses and stress levels, fewer "sick days", so greater productivity.


- the team may have been focusing too long on their screens, we have progressive games that will really get their eyes looking for new opportunities and openings.

Deal Closure - after a hard push to close that latest deal for the business, let loose with some light-hearted games and then on to a meal and some bubbly.


- whether your team, company or an individual from your team, promotions need celebration and we have just the games to get the excitement and laughs flowing, then move on to the buffet and bubbly afterwards.

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Corporate Events


Whatever type of party you're having, we've got you covered.

We offer one-off events, where you get to experience all the fun of Archery Assault. Full training provides a rapid ramp-up from novice to basic combat archery and then straight into games

The intensity of the games is high, with rapid-firing arrows and LOTS of running around ... smiles, sweat and beers! (or soft drinks for the under 18's).

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